Norwegian CDs 2008

notoddenbb_cd08.jpgNOTODDEN BLUES BAND
Released the CD "Så langt som hit" on Bluestown Records December 2008
hennessybb_cd08.jpgHENNESSY BLUES BAND
Released the CD "Carpenter Blues" December 2008
ronniejac_cd08.jpgRONNIE JACOBSEN
Released the CD "Stand Your Test in Judgement" on MTG Records December 2008
bluesbasement_cd08.jpgBLUES BASEMENT
Released the CD "Seven" on Arctic Records in October 2008
knutreiersrud_cd08.jpgKNUT REIERSRUD BAND
Released the CD "Voodoo Without Killing Chicken" on Kirkelig Kulturverksted in October 2008
goodtimecharlie_cd08.jpgGOOD TIME CHARLIE
Released the CD "Mojo Energy" in September 2008

hungryjohn_cd08.jpgHUNGRY JOHN
Released the CD "Bad men risin'" in September 2008
noisepollution_cd08.jpgNOISE POLLUTION
Released the CD "One decade down" in August 2008

krogfoss_golten_cd08.jpgKROGFOSS VS GOLTEN
Released the CD "That Blues" på Grappa in August 2008
ritaengedalen_cd08.jpgRITA ENGEDALEN
Released the CD "The tree still standing" on Grammofon August 2008
redhot_cd08.jpgRED HOT
Released the CD "Hotter Than Georgia Asphalt" on BluesNews Records August 2008
mightymaritcd08.jpgMIGHTY MARITH & THE MEAN MEN
Released the CD "To our disciples and friends" on Elevator in June 2008
eirikbergene_cd08.jpgEIRIK BERGENE
Released the CD "A better way" på egen label in May 2008
bblyngs_cd08.jpgBB LYNGS BLUESBAND
Released the CD "Scratch it back" in April 2008
drbekken_cd08.gifDR. BEKKEN
Released the CD "Hardcore Piano" on Blue Mood Records/Grappa in March 2008
bjornberge_08.gifBJØRN BERGE
Released the CD/DVD "Live in Europe" on Blue Mood Records/Grappa January 2008