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The Norwegian Blues Union
was formed in 1997 and has in 2010 a membership of 60 blues societies, all over the country. The three largest clubs are in the Oslo area, and have approximately 500 members each. The 60 clubs have a total membership of over 7.000 persons, and these clubs generate over 1.000 blues performances per year.

Blues News Magazine
Blues News is distributed to all the members of the Blues Union, 5 issues each year. 100 pages with interviews, portraits, festivals, Euroblues, Blues in Sweden, Blues in Denmark and also a section with articles from the Norwegian blues societies.

The Norwegian Blues Union
is managed by a board with five regular members. Bitten Svendsen from Oslo Bluesklubb is the leader of the NBU board.

Board members 2015/16:

Bitten Svendsen, Mona Bakken, Ellen Klemp, Trond Johnsen, Kåre Amundsen, Susanne Sørensen, Wiggo Larsen, Svein Terje P. Førland


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