Rita loves Peer loves Rita!

The Norwegian winner of European Blues Challenge 2012, got the audience on her side pretty fast as she played the prestigious Blues Peer Festival in Peer, Belgium, on Saturday July 20th.
Rita Engedalen and Backbone (Morten Omlid - guitar, Alexander Pettersen -drums, Jens Haugen - bass) were given an early afternoon slot, but it didn't seem to be a drawback, as the audience quickly gathered in the tent to enjoy and listen to what Rita had to share with them. She played a few covers, by Janis Joplin and Wanda Jackson, but the audience reacted most positively to her own songs. There were a lot of superlatives as Rita performed Yellow Moon, Mean Mean Man, and as she finished with an acapella, the crowd thanked by giving enormous applause. This also included the press, of whom Belgian DJ Dirk Blancke (Radio 1), announced live on air that it was amazing that a band from the country of gnomes and trolls could play that way. - It sounded like something that came from the deep of The Mississippi, Blancke said when introducing Rita to the Belgian listeners.