Paladin's bass player in train accident

On August 16 , Thomas Yearsley, known for the most of us as the tough bass player in The Paladins, was walking his beloved dog Swango. The dog was groggy because of anesthesia given earlier that day, and strayed on to the railway track in front of a freight train in motion. Swango killed in the meeting with the train, while Thomas survived the collision.
However, not without consequences. He was flown to hospital by air ambulance and stayed a few days before he could come home. Still things are not right, and no later than Wednesday 25 August he had a new surgical procedure.

We kow that many musicians and artists in the US are not among the best insuranced. So also Thomas Yearsley. Friends, colleagues, musicians and fans and others have created a website containing informatio on Thomas's situation and well-being.  In addition, you can donate via the website money to cover the medical expenses that Thomas has been charged with in connection with the accident. Thomas is in danger of being declared bankrupt and losing his recording studio. It is a goal to collect $ 20,000 in the first place, and so far has 26% of this been collected. None of the money will go to other purposes than Thomas Yearsley, his medical expenses and to cover lost earnings.

You can contribute via Paypal, pay by credit card or if you are near one of the concerts held for the benefit of Thomas, one can take a trip there. All are listed on the website created for the collection.

As an alternative you could also arrange your own concert, or take a penny rolling in the blues club. Perhaps Paladins has played at your club? And created great musical memories for you? Why not help Thomas Yearsley to get back in good health to continue his great musical career.

Check today and contribute what you can.

Text/photo: Tommy A. Lund