New venue at Notodden Blues Festival

The festival at Notodden expands with a new stage aimed at a younger audience. NU:BLU is the name of the new venue, it is youth-driven and will have a central and attractive location at Notodden. The festival states that the goal for NU:BLU is to establish a stage that includes a variety of musical and cultural expression with a combination of skateboarding, music, graffiti and jam.

The musical program features bands like Autumn, Phone Joan, Okkultorkrati, New River Lagoon, Son Of A House Izakaya Heartbeat. DJ collective Funk You, where Tarjei Nygaard from Notodden is central, and Untz Untz end the evening, respectively, Friday and Saturday. 

- This is very exciting. I feel that we are doing pioneering work in the blues festival context. We take the blues a little further and hope we will break down some prejudices associated with the blues, says project manager for NU:BLU, Øystein Ytterbø.