New Drøbak festival in July

Ever since the organizers in Drøbak announced that they will probably not have a festival in 2010, the future of the Drøbak Blues Festival's has been uncertain. However, it has now been decided that there will be a blues festival in the seaside town again this year! The leader of the Drøbak Blues Club, Terje Evensen, broke the news. The 2010 festival  will be organized in cooperation with the blues club and the Drøbak Båtforening. The festival leader is to be Hans Erik Andersen, and Terje Evensen will be the booking manager. The Drøbak Blues Festival will be held at the same venue and on the same weekend as before, July 30 and 31. Evensen said that there will be more local bands than earlier, but the public can also expect some well known headliners. More info coming from Drøbak soon.