Anniversary celebration in Oslo

Norwegian Blues News and the Norwegian Blues Union celebrated their 20th anniversary at Rockefeller November 11. More than 800 people came to join the big party featuring several Norwegian and international blues stars, among them Knut Reiersrud, Adam Douglas and Rick Estrin & The Nightcats. 

The show was opened by the NBU leader, Bitten Svendsen, and the editor of the Bluesnews magzine who welcomed the public.
The jubilee show was divided into two departments. In the first set we heard a selection of younger Norwegian musicians who previously had participated in the Norwegian Blues Union's talent project, Union Blues Cup. The outstanding radio DJ Robert Sætervik presented the artists on stge, and took the audience through the Union Blues Cup history. The former Union Blues Band, Marcus Løvdal Band, now called Heigh Chief, did a solid job backing all the singers: Hans "Jumpin Jerry" Bollandsås, Tom Erik Holmlund from Greasy Gravy, Stian Borgen and Stian Haslie from Bedrock Blues Band, Heidi Solheim from Pristine and Yngve Jordalen and Bjørnar Ekse Brandseth from Yngve & His Boogie Legs. The first set ended with the song Dixie Chicken with all the musicians on the stage.

After a short break came the artists most people had been waiting for. The Norwegian-American blues band Rick Estrin & The Nightcats opened as backing band for Norway's guitar ace, Knut Reiersrud. With Kid Andersen featured on incredibly groovy bass, Knut once again proved why he is on top of the list of blues artists in this country.
If Knut was the musical number one this evening, Adam Douglas was probably the hottest name at Rockefeller. When he was booked for the show earlier in 2017, he was mainly known only in the blues cicuit, but after winning the NRK's show ​​"Stjernekamp" last fall, he has become a very "hot" name in Norway. Together with Stina Stenerud, he delivered some great soul ballads.
After these three guests, Rick Estrin & The Nightcats took over the stage and kept going for an hour and a half. The band gave people what they came for - blues music. As always, we could appreciate Rick Estrin's and Kid Andersen's good chemistry and interaction on stage. This is probably one of the most entertaining blues bands on the road today.

Thanks to everyone attending Rockefeller and made it an amazing blues jubilee. Especially thanks to the many blues fans comming a long way. Peoplee came from all parts of the country.

Text: Rune Endal - Photo: Arve Reistad

Rick Estrin og Kid Andersen. Below: Knut Reiersrud.

Norwegian musicians from The Union Blues Cup.

Marie and Arne from Jefferson Magazine and The Swedish Blues Association with Bitten Svendsen (NBU) and Rune Endal (BN).