Reunion for Bergen Blues Band 2010


It has been 30 years since the Bergen Blues Band released their critically acclaimed first recording. Hungry John (picture) is now busy planning the anniversary events. This month there will be a new CD released with highlights from the band's first three recordings, and some of the former members have gathered for an anniversary tour.

The Bergen audience was given a preview of the "new" Bergen Blues Band when they performed at Madam Felle one Friday in late December. It was obvious that a lot of people were waiting for this to happen – the house was already sold out and packed by 10 o’clock - and when the band showed on stage at 10.30, expectations were high.
- “It has been 30 years - are you ready?” Hungry John shouts in the microphone.
The audience screams and the show is on. They open with three brand new songs before getting to the well known “Jump'n Shout'n Dance”. The temperature is rising as the band continues with “Hey Mama”, “Truck Driver”, “Airport Blues”, “Brand New Microphone” and “Depression” - all classics from the 80’s.


Bergen Blues Band 2010, from left Atle Johannessen, Willy Korneliussen, John Ole Thomsen, Aksel Fjæra og John Magnar Bernes. (Photo: Helge Lynglund).


Hungry John and the Bergen Blues Band can be heard in many clubs and festivals this year. The history of Hungry John is also the cover story in the February issue of Blues News.